Dead among Alive

In the pit near the “Facotry of Death” where the dead bodies are thrown away, alive dogs and puppies were found.
The white dog was thrilled and it finally escaped. It ran away in the fields and its further destiny is unknown. After everything what was done to it, there is no chance for it having recovered his faith in humans again.
Two others puppy with broken forepaws and brownish dog which was lying in the distant corner of the pit were transported to the shelter in nearest village.  Animals were examined by the medical professional. Information about their condition will be available later.

The Factory of the Death   +18, contains highly disturbing images!
In the shot when image disappears, the puppy is being reanimated.


To be continued…

Hello reader!
Probably you remember this cutie- Gray?

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Last time we stopped on the moment when it was transported to the shelter.
Now it is the time to say a few words about shelter itself and its life there.
Gray step by step is recovering his trust towards the people.
Nevertheless goodfood and care, he got ill- he has a pneumonia.
Now he is getting better with a help of higly qualified professional.

The shelter is newly opened since the change of rulling power in the animal protection sphere.
Young, ambitious and not indifferent girls created a community and opened a shelter to help as many as they can.
This is the video from the shelter with interviews of international and local volunteers.
Anyone who are willing to help are more than welcomed, just contact me throw facebook or twitter and I will direct to shelter officials.
Also if anyone is interested in sponsoring Gray or want to adopt him, contact me as well =))
Together we can make a change!

Spoiled winter break

The period of winter holidays is the most magical time of the year.
However, this Christmas and New Year were marked with new bloody murders.
The most shocking is that this was doing not a special worker but citizen like me or you.
This means that people simply carry guns with them and then when they see a dog they shoot.
All this dogs were neutered and the whole house were feeding them and taking care after them.

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This were first two victims of the coled-blooded shooter. He was shooting dogs in the middle of the day but he was very elective in choosing the time.
Nest time he came at 1 PM. One women saw him pointing the gun to the forehead of the next dog.
The scream of the women scared the man and he ran away.
If you will see him on the street, you will never have an idea that he can calmly shoot the living being.
Educated looking man in middle ages, wearing glasses and long fancy coat.
The dog saved is named Gray.
He was so thrilled that first day he was just laying down in my hall without any movement.
Next day he was trying to walk around my apartment, but he was very cautious and any sound was scaring him and he was hidding under the couch.

Now Gray is in the shelter and trying to recover his trust towards the people…

An end? No, just a new beginning!

Hello Reader!!
Tn0sYCDq_8YIt is almost an end of the semester and it is time to draw a line. This semester was very long and full of the events. Nevertheless many awful things happened,,, there also was many wonderful things.
A lot of Moldavian stray dogs finally found their loving families both in Moldova and Germany.,
Moreover a great step had been taken to improve animal’s right. Together we finally made Moldavian Parliament consider a bill for the protection of the stray animals. And this is only the beginning.

In the end I would like to say just a few words about why am I Q6iHooazMFQdoing this.
So you may ask why am I a volunteer?  I have a concept that leads me through this life “If  not you, then who?” If you aren’t willing to take a step to volunteer and help, then who will? It is our responsibility to help other and do our part to make the world a better place by setting an example of volunteerism and helping others to reach their full potential!
When I see that my efforts were not useless that sometimes there is a victory of kindness and care over the cruelty and indifference I see that I do not spend my life in vain.
Even the smallest action can bring changes.
In the end I would like to say a quote “The world will not change if you save a dog. However, the world will change for this dog”.
This semester has shown how many work is still need to be done and nevertheless how many is already done.
Nevertheless the semester is almost over I will not stop blogging. You will be always welcomed on pages of  White Fang. Open your hearts towards kindness and love.
All my life dogs were near me, they made me who I am,  so THANK YOU!

Senseless Violence

Hello Reader,
This blog post is not really connected with stray animals, however I cannot stand this happening worldwide.
IeCZIiJbL-gThere is no limit of human thirst for violence. Almost everything what a man does brings death and destruction to other living beings. Maybe it is time to stop?
Vivisection is very spread phenomenon in our world. The roots of it go to the most ancient times of our history. We are so used to the fact that other beings give away their lives for our sake and comfort that consider all this as a standard. However is it really normal? How we allow this to happen? Not many people think about it, we are used to take everything for granted.vivisection0033

More than 150 million lives of our fellow creatures are taken away by painful experiments annually. Experimental animals are being burned, scalded, poisoned, starved to death, subjected to electric discharges, accustomed to the drugs and caused stomach ulcers, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, syphilis and even AIDS. People surgically remove eyes, cause bone fractures and brain damage to the majority of them. Animals are being poisoned and shoot down by plastic bullets and ammunitions for military purposes.

We entered third millennium and progress, both spiritual and physical, demands elimination of all barriers on the way to civilized development. However, can civilized society be based on violence, death and the shed of the innocence blood?

vivisection--large-msg-12629812233Majority of people live without understanding of invisible violence and cruelty in their everyday life. They go and without thinking purchase toothpaste, shampoos, drugs, body sprays and other useful things. We need these products, we bring them home and when they are finished we go and buy a new one.
People must begin to understand that behind these products stand its own history of cruelty and violence and pain, where animals were used in horrifying tests. Any products in your home have passed this awful test, unless you bothered yourself to find products which were not tested this way.

The support of such savageness on ignorance and lack of knowledge is a terrible mistake, a human vice and sin. We fool ourselves if we think that can bring peace to the world, change views, ideas and thoughts of other people, when at the same time we cannot even say to ourselves:
“ For God`s sake. I must get rid of this rubbish in my house.”vivisection_apr_05

First of all we should control ourselves, not somebody else. It is where we should start, it is our departing point. The world starts in your home. Rejection of violence and cruelty also starts there. So does the progress. People should free their households from these disgusting aspects of habitual life.
However people say: “We will lose too much. You ask us to give up so many.” However the situation is absolutely vice verse. You will only win from doing it.
Take ideas of harmony, justice and denial of violence for the sake of care and compassion and express it in the market while buying all necessary products.
Now let`s have more detailed look on the tests of products and toxicological researches. To begin with, it must be mentioned that there exist cosmetics and household chemical goods produced without vivisection.
Also very often people say that if there will be no test it will cause risk for the man`s health.
Such statement is miserable propaganda, created by animal`s exploiter.
85 percent of experiments on animals conducted over the past 100 years in order to develop new drugs and methods of treatment, fall into the period from 1950 to the present. However, the average life expectancy over this period has not changed, while the number of chronic diseases continues to increase.
As all of us can see that the vivisection in medical field is absolutely senseless. The fact is that, due to anatomical and physiological differences of human and animal, testing of a new drugs and therapies on animals is inefficient and even dangerous.
CosmeticsnottestedonanimalslistMoreover not only drugs are being tested on animals, cosmetics, construction and packaging materials, cleaning products and other products are too. Animals inhale vapors from the substance whose concentration is so great that most of the animals die from the poisoning straight away.
Think twice is it the right price for your beauty?

A huge number of companies are testing their product on animals carefully concealing this fact. Only through an international organization PETA the world now knows the names of these major brands. There is no doubt that you are familiar with many of them.
Colgate-Palmolive Co. (Ajax, Fab, Hills Pet Nutrition, Mennen, Palmolive, SoftSoap, Speed Stick)
Coty (Adidas, Calvin Klein, Davidoff, Glow, The Healing Garden, JOOP!, Jovan, Kenneth Cole, Lancaster, Marc Jacob, Rimmel, Stetson)
Estee Lauder
Gillette Co. (Braun, Duracell, Oral-B)
Johnson & Johnson (Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, ROC)
Kimberly-Clark Corp. (Cottonelle, Huggies, Kleenex, Kotex, Pull-Ups, Scott Paper)
L’Orеal U.S.A. (Biotherm, Cacharel, Garnier, Giorgio Armani, Helena
Rubinstein, Lancome, Matrix Essentials, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren
Fragrances, Redken, Soft Sheen, Vichy

Mary Kay Max Factor, Olay Co./Oil of Olay, Pantene, Veet (Procter & Gamble)
Unilever (Axe, Dove, Helene Curtis, Lever Bros., Suave).

Many are known right? How much of this products are in your bathroom right now and are in use every day?
However, not all modern brands indulge in violence. Here is the most well-known companies who said their firm “No” to senseless murder.
indexAntonio Banderas
Green Mama
Lumene                                                      Nivea
Nina Ricci
Yves Rocher

Choosing an ethical makeup, do not hesitate to ask sellers, managers and shopping guide – demand determines supply!

I am hopping that someday the world will treat vivisection for science`s sake as it treats now burning people in the name of religion.

Take a dog from the street

On NovembegetImager 20, 2013 an independent group of young and active people organized a photo shoot with Moldavian pop stars.
The main goal of the event was to find new homes for dogs who almost lost a hope to find a loving family.
“Thank you everyone who participated in the photo shoot. We are very grateful to the show-biz people, who helped us a lot” said one of the organizers of the event.


In virtue of the event two puppies, who were discussed earlier finally found their new homes and carrying families. Hooray for them!!

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All magic is in our hands! We can make miracles!
Lets do them more often!
I want to express my gratitude to all people who are not indifferent and tries to help. Even the smallest action makes a difference.

Long-awaited Victory

“One person can make a difference and every person should.” 

                 – John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Hello Reader,
I am bringing you glad tidings this week.
Stray animals are finally in the attention of the deputies.
Multitude efforts, protest rallies and the deaths of stray animals were not in vain!
Finally the Parliament of the Chisinau, Moldova is considering a bill on the protection of the animals.
Hooray Friends! I would like to express my huge gratitude to all initiative groups who did not left the strays in these darkest times and were trying at the top of their possibilities to save as many as possible.
Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the last straw was a petition signed by Moldovan students, faculty and the President of American University in Bulgaria.
Thank you every one of you. It is not my little is a victory; it is a victory of Moldavian students, faculty, President of AUBG. It is a victory of kindness and care over the cruelty and indifference.
We can and we made a change! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. It is just a first step into the bright future without cruelty and violence.
Together we shifted the situation with stray animals in Moldova.
criminal-law-policyThis bill was proposed by Liberal Democratic Party of Republic of Moldova.
If this statute will be enacted stray animals won`t be killed and euthanized anymore, except those cases when they are sick. Healthy animals will be sterilized and afterwards will be arranged in the shelters.
The tenants of the apartment buildings will be allowed to have pets only with the consent of the neighbors and with the necessary conditions for the maintenance of the pets. In private courtyards will be allowed to keep not more than two dogs.
The special attention wil bel paid to special breeds of dogs.
It is also planned to recalculate all domestic and stray dogs.
Compliance with the law will be monitored by local authorities and by national agency of food security.
Nowadays there is no accurate data on the number of stray animals in the country. Only in Chisinau, the approximate number is more than 20,000 of stray animals.
Contravention Code provides the punishment for cruelty to animals, a fine of up to 400 lei (approximately $ 31).
Lets continue to go on this road of kindness and care!
News report about the bill.